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Fundraising Opportunities

Flying Bridge Fundraiser Program


The Flying Bridge has a Fundraiser Program available to all non profit groups in lieu of a monetary donation.  At least 2.5 weeks advance notice is required.   Other fundraising opportunities are available that can be discussed.


The All You Can Eat Pizza, Salad, and Drink (coffee, tea or soda) night is designed as follows:   The participants sell presale tickets at $8.50 each adult and $4.00 each child 10 and under.   The organization receives 1/2 of the proceeds.   The profit on this fundraiser has been a minimum of $250.00 for a team of 14 players to $900.00 for a full program of 50 players.  Neither example had 100% participation, one tracked the players tickets sold for individual accounts, the other didn’t.


If you have a group of 30 and ask them to sell 10 adult tickets and 20 child tickets each, and only 50% participate your profit would be just short of $1,000.00.  Add a raffle on to that or a bake sale and the profit just goes up.  


What we provide:  Pizza, salad, drink, utensils, plates.  An envelope for each player with tickets. flyers and a table to track their sales.   For the administrator we provide a check out and check in sheet to track each player.  We pick up or you drop off the envelopes the day prior to the event, we tally all the tickets sold and the day of the event you have your share in hand.   All “tips” that night go into a group “tip” bucket and go to the fund.  All tickets sold that night are calculated and at the end of the night your share is in your hand.


What you provide:  The participants sell the tickets, turn them in on time and volunteer as servers the day of the event.  The Administrator lists the participants, checks off as they are handed a sales packet and checks them back in when they return.


It is easy, if the “customer” is not available that evening or does not like pizza, the participant can suggest a small donation.  It is fun, the event shortly becomes a party atmosphere where a family, friends and neighbors join in the festivities.   The participants benefit in more ways than one… they are working with each other on a level different than the playing field or the classroom and they are serving the public, friends, and family.


Please contact Jan Des Rosiers at [email protected] or by phone 760 722 1151 for further information.

We're in the News......

From an August Article in the San Diego Union Tribune....

OCEANSIDE - Jan Des Rosiers was one of the first people to start a yellow-ribbon campaign to remind people to keep Camp Pendleton Marines serving in Iraq in their thoughts.

"She was all over town giving out yellow ribbons and tying them on trees," said David L. Nydegger, director of the Oceanside Chamber of Commerce.

Having a big heart is one of the reasons Des Rosiers, one of the owners of The Flying Bridge restaurant, was recognized by the chamber as Oceanside Business Person of the Year.

Another reason is that she is very active in the chamber and the community.

"She's a can-do kind of lady. If you ask her to do something, it gets done and you get more than you asked for," Nydegger said. "She's a champion for Oceanside.

"Not only does she run the restaurant, she epitomizes the meaning of 'service above self' through her membership on several chamber committees, as well as city of Oceanside workshops and committees."

The award in June was her "Sally Field moment," Des Rosiers said, referring to the actress's famous Academy Awards acceptance speech: "They like me!"

To be recognized by your peers for doing what you love is overwhelming, she said.

She and her husband, Ron, have lived in Oceanside for 20 years. They went into the restaurant business four years ago after losing their longtime jobs in medical records management.

"I was devastated," Des Rosiers said.

But almost immediately, friends Dan and Patti Cannon asked the couple to be partners in the Flying Bridge.

"It was a classic example of God closing one door and opening another. Sometimes you don't see it, but you feel the breeze," Des Rosiers said. "We decided to use the restaurant as a vehicle to get involved in the community and to use that as a marketing strategy."

The plan worked. The restaurant has doubled its business each year, four years in a row, she said. Although running a restaurant can sometimes take 12 to 14 hours a day, Des Rosiers said she is happy and thrilled to serve the community through the restaurant.

She is active on the chamber's education, business expo and Christmas fair committees. She helped organize a fund-raiser for high school scholarships, and she hosts fund-raisers at the restaurant.

Des Rosiers said the reason she promoted the yellow-ribbon campaign was to unite the community during a divisive period.

It was at a time when protests against the war were being shown on television, and she feared the troops would see them and believe their country didn't support them. The yellow ribbons said it all.

"It didn't matter if people were for or against the war," she said. "They wanted those Marines to come home safely."

Patty McCormac is a freelance writer from Vista. Do you have a story idea for Oceanside? Contact Linda McIntosh at (760) 476-8214 or

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