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From "Restaurants 101" Published 2001 by Lewis & Berk Publishing - Leucadia, CA: "The Flying Bridge is the northern-most restaurant on the historic old Highway 101. It has occupied this spot overlooking the San Luis Rey river since 1949 on the site of what was then an "Auto Court". When Highway 101 was the only route south, this was the first oasis south of Camp Pendleton, and the place where many celebrities, including Governor Ronald Reagan and lots of racing fans, stopped on their way to the Del Mar Racetrack. Dan Cannon and Ron Des Rosiers, two restaurateurs with thirty years of experience each, purchased the restaurant in November of 2000. The restaurant's name comes from the unique nautical architecture of the building, and its commanding view. The new owners tell us that they're working to return the Flying Bridge to "one of the most popular stops on the 101 for breakfast, lunch and dinner." When you enter, you're in the coffee shop section. To the right is a bar area and dining room, both of which overlook the river with a good view of where it enters the ocean. One flight down is a room for private parties with a patio that also overlooks the river." The book, Restaurants 101 is available from the pulisher at 760 944 9648.